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Anskar Koskinen

Can you guys not hear each other in real time or something? You often seem to talk over each other for extended periods of time, which is definitely preferable to “sorry, you go on” every 30 seconds but it’s still a bit jarring.

Pretty cool podcast otherwise, I’d be down to listen to future installments. You should have some of your mumble friends come on as guests, it’d be the perfect clusterfuck.


Anskar, we were having minor issues with our connection to each other so there may have been points where we didn’t realize we were talking over each other, and maybe sometimes we were just doing it anyway. It’s both our first times trying to do something like this, so we’ll need some time to figure it out! I think it’s probably obvious over the course of this episode alone that we start to get more comfortable with it.

Thanks for the kind words! I think we’ll probably have guests in the future, who knows, but if you want a mumble clusterfuck just watch Bru stream on hitbox, trust me


So we discovered that my audio got out of sync by around 5 seconds by the end. I reuploaded an edited version that should be fine!


Pretty sure Gamergate is supposed to be a reference to Watergate incident back in the 70’s. The point being that the majority of people didn’t really care about the accusations and problems which started the whole situation. Most people were concerned about the collision going on in the Nixon administration. Unfortunately, I don’t think that gaming press is able to get passed origin (that and it’s a good way to shift focus from themselves). I also don’t see this ending anytime soon until there is some dialogue between both sides, which is not likely going to happen seeing as not a single journalist accepted the offer to discuss the topic with TB on his channel after that whole Gamingjournpro revelation.


That’s an interesting point about Watergate not really being specifically about the events that happened at Watergate, just as Gamergate isn’t really about what Zoe Quinn did. I’m seeing small amounts of progress as far as discussion between the sides goes, though. Jason Schreier acknowledged for the first time yesterday that “lots of gamergaters are rallying on twitter to report” some doxxing going on. The fact it’s taken this long for people like him to realize that gamergate is largely made up of people with good intentions is insane, though.


Very exciting news, always enjoyed your more serious content, like the “Separating Gameplay from Art”, unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of podcasts because of their length, but I look forward to your written content.


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Good work lads. Just recently finished Evangelion as well, however I fear that if I continue watching anime I may become a fucking weeb.
Regardless, look forward to seeing/hearing more content.


Great podcast, really cool that you aren’t afraid to talk about sensitive topics and share your opinions, whether they are popular or not. Can’t wait for the next one.


Are you ever adding a download button to these? I would love to listen to these on the go.


Hey guys this is a podcast… if you wanna be great you should not suck…but not saying you suck….anyways your hampster died last night…hi


I got here from the link in bru’s 2014 in review video and I’m really psyched to hear the other episodes from you guys. Glad to hear your opinions on #gamergate as well

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