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Do you guys have a mirror to the dev going nuts over Jim Sterling’s video? It seems to have been taken down.
also did you know that MechaGamezilla has a podcast, why the fuck doesn’t he tell anyone?


I can see your point about iron sights, though I still think they are a very immersive and useful mechanic for FPS. Depending on the setting and game at least.
Iron sights are a must for games like Arma, Red Orchestra, and Battlefield because of long range engagements, and general non-arcadeyness in those games (though less so for Battlefield). As well as the fact that I find that like I said before they help with immersion. I wouldn’t feel right shooting at someone from 200 meters away with a crosshair in Arma or Red Orchestra.

Though yes, it’s pretty unnecessary in games like COD, Halo, or other fast paced action shooters. As for more ‘realistic’ games like Arma or Red Orchestra and to some degree Battlefield I personally don’t really like crosshairs. Especially the ‘dynamic’ ones like in COD, or even Arma 3. It really puts me off of shooting from the hip if as I move the crosshair expands to show just how inaccurate my gun will allegedly be. Maybe the way the gun is held in first person could be improved to be easier to aim with, and perhaps more realistic.
Though maybe you already understand all of this and just want to avoid the close quarters twitch iron sights sort of thing. If so just… ignore this comment :P


Yeah, I’m not talking about larger scale FPS’s where iron sights actually makes sense. But even in the case of Battlefield, the implementation is too focused on FORCING you to use the iron sights because shooting from the hip is so wildly inaccurate. More importantly, there’s no disadvantage to using them because you snap to and from them so quickly and easily. It shouldn’t be that way.


Yeah. I was playing Darkest Hour (Red Orchestra 1 mod) today and noticed how there’s actually a pretty substantial delay on bringing up iron sights in that game. Even on assault rifles and pistols which are the only real ‘close quarters’ guns. It made me think about how I wanted to approach sudden close quarters encounters.


Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are basically WRPGs with japanese enemy design. Everything from character and build customization to realistic world buildung/feel in general and openness of the games. Also not a ‘hero’ story like most jrpgs follow, no turn based combat system, no anime girls, no random encounters etc etc


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