Episode 04 – Push to Shout Podcast

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Buck Fuggler

Good podcast, really liking what I’ve heard so far.

Seconding MatthewMatosis’ brilliance, though. He pretty much shames most “analytical” channels on YouTube. His MGS series is really good.


tfw I played assassin’s creed for the multiplayer
It used to be really fun (at least when I played it in brotherhood/revelations) it was kind of like having a bunch of TF2 spies in a map and they had to kill each other. Playing it made you think “Was that npc moving out of line? Oh, 3 people are chasing me, I’m gonna wait it out hide over there and let them get killed by the other guys”. I’m not sure what it’s like now but I really can’t do that multiplayer justice, it was so fun!


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