Episode 10 – Push to Shout Podcast

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[ARTICLE] Lizard Squad Accepts Kim Dotcom Offer To Halt Attacks
[VIDEO] Metal Gear Solid V – Phantom Pain to Have 150 Missions?
[VIDEO] TotalBiscuit’s Arbitrary Video Game Awards – 2014

00:00:26: Bru’s week
00:11:29: Skippy’s week
00:24:58: Lizard Squad hacks consoles on Christmas
00:39:31: MGSV 150 missions? And MGS discussion
00:54:55: Tamodachi Life, questions from chat
01:05:07: Upcoming Year in Review videos discussion, general youtube and editing discussion
01:36:11: Super Smash Bros
01:42:28: Wrap up

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Buck Fuggler

Honestly had no idea about Skippy’s channel before this podcast, but the first thing I noticed about it was that the sound was very well edited in the context of the video. I don’t really play or care about Arma much at all, but it was easy to pick up on.

About Smash and whether it is or isn’t a fighting game, this is a conversation that everyone is having even though SRK, the biggest website for fighting games, has been including regular coverage of Smash for some time now. I am a tournament player for a lot of traditional fighting games, and even though I kind of don’t really care about Smash or Nintendo iconography in general, I don’t get why this is still something people continue to bring up even though it’s been at the tournaments I go to on the east coast for quite some time now, both Project M and Melee. Generally, no one cares whether or not it’s a “fighting game,” that’s kind of irrelevant. With or without the fighting game community, the Smash community will be alive and kicking. As far as any sort of legacy or crossover skill between it and fighting games is concerned, there is quite a bit of similarity. When brutalcumpowder talked about knowing when to tech, positioning, whiff punishing, these are all tenants of fighting games that are just in a much more easily accessible flavor while retaining a fairly high skill ceiling.

I’m the opposite of Skippy in this regard. I like combos, I enjoy mindgames, I like complexity. Even though Smash doesn’t provide me with precisely what I want out of a “fighting” game, there’s a community behind it that sees some obvious competitive worth. This community wouldn’t keep growing if it wasn’t there, to be honest.

Been an avid listener of the podcast guys, really enjoying it. Hope ya’ll enjoy your new years.


Yeah. Skippy and Bru, dont think just because you are not getting comments in the comment section it means no one is watching you. The sad part of it is if the podcast gets a big following its gonna be like rock paper shotgun in the comments.


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