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Hey skips, are those Monoprice 8323’s? They’re pretty decent budget headphones

Buck Fuggler

Really liked the way Mario Kart 8 looked, but I still think that Guilty Gear Xrd is one of the best looking games I’ve ever seen. I understand that it being both a fighting game and a very anime fighting game reward it with an almost supremely niche audience, but it’s astounding to behold how they managed to transition to 3D models that still look hand drawn without resorting to rotoscoping. I don’t know whether I’d hand it best graphics or best aesthetic, but it’s the only game I’ve seen this year that truly felt like a developer had accomplished something amazing. None of the footage anywhere gave it justice, seeing as how it’s generally been cut to 30 FPS until fairly recently, but it’s something that even if you’re not into fighting games but have an appreciation for the technical aspect of how games are developed or how sprites are crafted, it’s a milestone achievement for the kind of game it is. Even moreso considering it’s made on the Unreal 3, fucking unbelievable.

Good episode, one of these days I’ll tune in live and say nothing.


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