Episode 12 – Push to Shout Podcast

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[WEBSITE] Awesome Games Done Quick
[ARTICLE] Elder Scrolls Online Rumor
[ARTICLE] Telltale Games News
[VIDEO] Evolve Goes Gold

0:00:12: Skippy’s Week
0:03:24: Bru’s Week
0:07:58: Awesome Games Done Quick
0:25:54: ESO Console Release Date, ES/MMO/Bethesda discussion
0:56:07: Evolve Goes Gold and beta/alpha/Destiny/Bungie discussion
1:17:03: Telltale’s new CEO and IP
1:25:42: 2015 Predictions and discussion
1:36:00: Will Skippy ever buy a WiiU?
1:41:18: Amazon user video game reviews
1:43:24: Wrapup

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