Episode 14 – Push To Shout Podcast

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[ARTICLE] Can gaming’s great women characters be written by men?
[ARTICLE] Anita Sarkeesian planning two new video game-related series
[WEBPAGE] Microsoft Hololen”
[ARTICLE] Royal Rumble Recap

0:01:30: Mike’s week
0:13:30: Skippy’s week
0:27:20: NEWS: Polygon’s Can Men Write Women article
0:41:30: Windows Hololens
0:44:20: Anita’s new series
0:48:30: Jonathan McIntosh backpedals
0:59:30: Questions from chat and whatnot

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Big Chris

The hololens thing is supposedly going to be used to help with things like CAD, where you can see what you’re making in 3D whilst working on it on a screen.


start at Witcher 1 or don’t start at all, you won’t know the characters and overall story in Witcher 2. Battlesystem isn’t the best but it isn’t horrible either. I had fun with it.


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