Episode 20 – Push to Shout Podcast

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0:00:42: Mike’s Week (Pregnancy, House of Cards)
0:16:26: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Mostly Spoiler-free discussion)
0:34:47: Skippy’s Week (CS:GO, Shovel Knight, Mass Effect)
0:48:20: MGSV PC Release Delayed 2 Weeks
0:51:56: Possible Red Dead Sequel
0:53:40: Steam Controller
0:59:02: Tim Schafer Guest Appearance (GDC Gamergate/NotYourShield Joke)
1:11:03: Rock Band 4
1:11:55: BanTheTableFromPAX (Insane Fangirls)
1:20:00: Chat Interaction, Questions
1:25:00: Wrap up

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Firebrand shitter.



If you like the first Hotline Miami you will like this one. Although some of the level layouts and scenarios the game puts you in are not very well thought out or play tested. You will find yourself killed by a dog you couldnt see because it blends in with the background or was overlaping with a bush that hid it. The limited camera is meant for tight spaces like the apartments in hotline miami 1, but now hotline miami 2 has wide open stages that cause frustration from a goon seeing you off screen and shoots you before you even know what the fuck. I think they made the wrong decisions with guns alarming guards because it turns the game into alert the guard wait for them to sit at the exact location you shot the gun and then stab or shoot them and it gets very samey, and if you say “you are not playing the game right you have to charge in and be badass” levels where you have limited ammo or no ability to change weapons turns makes it impossible to play like that.


Yeah I always get that same response when criticizing it and I’d say by far most levels simply do not allow you to run in with melee weapons going crazy, which seems like it should be the core of the gameplay. I played through HM1 again today and although it does have many problems, the large majority of its maps are suited perfectly for just going batshit on them. That’s my only major disappointment with the sequel, but it’s a HUGE problem.


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