Episode 21 – Push to Shout Podcast

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0:00:35: Skippy’s Week (CS:GO, Kerbal Space Program, ARMA 3)
0:5:19: Mike’s Week (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Falling down some stairs)
0:11:20: Hotline Miami 2 Discussion (Very Light Spoilers)
0:44:10: New Nintendo Console and Nintendo Smartphone/Tablet Games
1:01:40: Valve adds disclosure policy to Steam
1:05:00: Let’s Player Discussion
1:15:00: Zoe Quinn’s “Crash Override Network”
1:26:00: Elder Scrolls Online goes “F2P” and renamed “Tamriel Unlimited”
1:31:00: Questions, Kerbal and Nerd Cubed Rant
1:38:00: Wrap-up and preview

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I have to say I side with skippy on hotline miami 2 I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first because of the gameplay but I also enjoyed the first’s music and story more as well, the only thing that I think improved in 2 was the art


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