Episode 23 – Push To Shout Podcast

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Firebrand shitter.



This was great. I don’t agree with all of what Action Pts says in some of his videos but it’s still interesting hearing him talk about games from the perspective as a tester.

I’m parroting what another person suggested on youtube comments but if you guys manage to get Matthewmatosis on a future podcast that would be fucking ace. Flimsii and Mechagamezilla could also be pretty cool as well. Campster, while no doubt being and awkward as fuck conversation for you guys, could also provide a decent amount unintentional comedy and healthy doeses of shadenfreude for the audience.

Bruanna Bru

action pts i love you bro but please ‘it’s a bunch of people who do it for free’ come on
‘healthy doses of shadenfreude’ holy shit, this is the pushtoshout audience.


Please tell me Bruanna, what can I do to make it up to you? Should I use some fresh meme…oh sorry I meant inside jokes from /v/, just like all the cool kids? Maybe a tfw or a top kek here and there? I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I don’t have enough internet cred from us #Pushtoshouters


Story time Playstation home was actually my first videogame experience on the last generation, i thought it was a mandatory set up thing for PSN, I figured, whatever, I have to make an avatar or something. I spent an hour stuck in there just trying to leave while strangers tried to start a converstation with me about Transformers, I eventually just panicked and shut down the ps3. I never touched Home again


Ugh Vaati, Go with epicnamebro. Im salty that Vaati said dark souls 2 was going to be amazing from the preview


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