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while that MGS theory is interesting, I think its not the case, mainly because the voice actor doing Snake’s voice in Japan is still the same guy.I just think that Kojima wanted some acting force on his game, it being motion capture and all. But who knows, there has been alot of theories over the doctor, the guy with the bandages. etc. There is definitely something going on in that hospital


Yeah there’s obviously going to be some kind of ruse but it might be really minor. The thing about the Japanese voice actors confuses the shit out of me because it’s like they got Sutherland to do the motion capture for Snake but he speaks English and they got a Japanese girl to do the motion capture for Quiet but she speaks Japanese and also Quiet doesn’t talk????? I just don’t understand how they’re handling that stuff.


The thing about The Last Guardian is that Fumito Ueda has up and left and so has a lot of Team Ico, if the game is still in production Then Its mostly being developed by Sony programmers and I dont think it needs to be said that they dont have a lot of heart to them. It might still be an okay game, but a successor to Ico or SotC? Euuughhh???


I’d definitely watch the Push to Shout podshow E3 live commentary extravaganza.

Buck Fuggler

The phrase you were looking for regarding projecting your cultural values onto another is “cultural imperialism.” You could also claim it’s ethnocentrism.

Everyone knows Kojima is up to some conspiratorial shit with the Phantom Pain. Part of me thinks that sly son of a bitch never left Konami. That’s what Metal Gear Solid has done to us though, we’re so used to the in-game conspiracy and paranoia that we can’t even trust narratives tangentially related to MGS’ development.


ETHNOCENTRISM is exactly the word I was looking for. Cultural imperialism is more like imposing your culture onto another, I’m just talking about looking at the other culture from your own culture’s context.

And yeah I have to admit I considered the Konami thing but, knowing that company, there’s zero doubt in my mind that is all legit.


Witcher 3 spoilers:

A girl that is like a daughter to Gerlard being chased by elven space marines of snow, that are made of snow and cold and shit. We need to stop the snow space marines while everyone tells us that there is a prophesy about snow coming and killing everyone, possibly from frosty space marines. After a while we finally defeat ice spreading space marines stopping them from spreading snow and taking girl that is like a daughter to Gerlard with help of elven wizard that is not a space marine so he could betray us in the last moment (to open a portal that starts a snow) to stop a snow that will come later, maybe. Snow that is not related to elven snow space marines. A girl that is like a daughter to Gerlard goes inside the portal even though Gerlard tells her not to so she could go near big glowing sphere to have a flashback with Gerlards that happened about 2 hours before that moment and not flashbacks from past 20 or so years, so then girl goes inside the orb of light anyway to stop a snow because. “Fades to black.”

MONTH LATER that girl that is like a daughter to Gerlard goes fishing with Gerlard and then becomes emperor of the world.
The story of Witcher 3 can not be more retarded. The game is boring ass shit that consist of 90% pointless copypasted filler. The only good part of W3 is cutscenes, especially LOTR one in Kaer Morhen. Thats it.


sexy eyes
sexy hair
sexy voice
hot bod
a legend
medieval james bond
kills monsters
skilled sword fighter
a man with notoriously powerfull libido
a man that notoriously can’t have babies
possibly a big dong
went and goes through so much shit with all women he meets
saved and helped them countless times

“Women are strangely attracted to Geralt.” – SkippySigmatic


Loved listening to my first push to shout, my Vita let me download this and listen to it out and about.
But christ skippy, I am Skyrimtrash and even I knew it was redguards.
Anyway, thanks for the answers.


The argument that it’s problematic to have female characters with cleavage is not a valid one, it’s just retarded. A lot of women wear revealing clothes in real life and people shouldn’t shame them for it. Not every woman reveals cleavage in the witcher, so why is it suddenly valid to shame the virtual depictions of women that do have cleavage, or for their attire or attitude towards Geralt? The characters that do show attraction towards him usually have a history with him or some other motives. The characterization is well-written in this regard.

We could bitch about the fact that Geralt is muscular and oozing of sexuality too, or Letho’s muscles and tight pants showing off his Bara ass, but we don’t. Because any arguments relating to how it’s problematic are prude non-issues.

People don’t give a shit about how Geralt literally slices human beings in half over simple grievances, but all of a sudden arguments relating to the ”offensive” sight of a nipple belonging to a sexually liberated woman who is okay being lightly dressed is valid? Don’t think so.


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