Episode 34 – Push to Shout Podcast – E3 Review

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Play Peace Walker Skippy. hat trailer had more meaning if you did. It honestly stands on its own as a console game. Maybe do co-op with Bru.
For questions:
Xbox One will feature mods for Fallout, with this in mind what console games would you like to see mods for? This can be for any console.
On the subject of Xbox One, how far do you think it has progressed since the proposed model by Don Matrick?

Buck Fuggler

You know these honkies don’t read the comments.

Awkward Hat Guy is Yoko Taro, he’s responsible for Nier and Drakkengard. Nier apparently was so beloved by people in the Japanese industry that Squeenix sought help from the Platinum team that made Metal Gear Rising to continue the story. If Skip wasn’t such a normie, he’d probably find a lot of shit to like in Taro’s games.

They’re weeaboo the same way that Akira is weeaboo. Just have to deal with the passable-to-mediocre gameplay, which is why Platinum being involved is such good news. It’s the dreamteam no one knew they wanted.

Taro has a history of this kind of stuff, though. He gave one of the most bizarre interviews I’ve ever seen for Drakkengard 3, and I’ve worked for music magazines where I interviewed black metal musicians dressed as goblins. He barely even talked about the game and rambled on about “acceptable norms” and philosophies about violence. https://youtu.be/LD6xCLlF5dY

His games are even fucking weird.


I read the comments but there won’t be an answer to Twiton’s questions on this podcast because we recorded it last night and i…forgot.

Maybe I am a normie because JRPGs just don’t appeal to me at all. It’s not the weeb shit that puts me off as much as the gameplay. Or I guess it seems like the weeb shit isn’t interesting enough to justify impenetrable learning curves.

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