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Well, the old From Soft games play quite differently from Souls obviously. King’s field is by far the worst offender, especially the early ones.
Shadow Tower Abyss does have pretty cool combat though in which you can cut off certain body parts. It’s pretty neat though since I haven’t played it recently I may just be looking through rose tinted glasses (it was only 2 years ago but you can never know).
I’m actually replaying The PS2 Armored Core games though and they actually play better than I remember, partially because AC2 didn’t have proper analog controls. You can reconfigure this stuff on Emulators though so it actually plays better now.
The 7th gen AC games, AC4 and 4Answer play really well and actually quite over the top. If one can’t handle PS2 era mech gameplay they should at least play the 7t gen ones since they actually just really fun games. The story isn’t all that bad either though slightly political in the sense that you’re mostly following and doing things that affect the in-game politics. It’s all about mega corporations, conspiracies, mercenaries and such. The AC games have a surprising amount of lore to them, even in the early ones which is actually quite interesting albeit not mysterious like the Souls lore.

Have you guys played STALKER?
Do you have something you’d consider your favourite game/ games?

Anyway, great podshow once again. I always look forward to the release of it and have a grand time listing in. It always feels too short.


Cool episode, good mix of discussion, from film, tv, games and internet drama.


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