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Hope you do a spoiler cast. I thought the 4th wall breaks in the Genocide Run were more well done than the other endings, and the other ones were still fantastic.

wanking garuga

I think you’ve missed the biggest reason why people were criticising that Polygon article. Yes, they said it was an excerpt, but if you take out the excerpt then most of what you’re left with is just the book’s description from Amazon. It’s completely ambiguous what was written by Owen and what was actually written by Polygon staff so not only is the byline misleading, but the article is arguably an undisclosed advert.


What do you mean it’s ambiguous? The entire feature is an excerpt of the book, the only other thing on the page is the introduction to that excerpt. Are you saying Phil wrote the introduction? If so, who cares? Does it really matter at all? They’re not criticizing his work, there’s no conflict of interest. It’s literally just a page that says “hey check out this part from this book.” Much ado about literally nothing.


If, instead of getting a wrist slap for all her serious crimes, she were cotcvined and put in prison, that Reginald Daye guy would not have been dead today.

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