Episode 57 – Push to Shout Podcast

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Just want to share some of my thoughts on the podcast.

1. Bru finally kinda fixed audio levels, or, at least, changed sensitivity settings on voice recognition tab. I don’t know about the others, but I do appreciate it. Thanks.

2. About crazy Ace Combat games. While they are certainly full of anime tropes, I think it’s a part of modern Japanese narrative. I wouldnt certainly say that the games are “anime-like”, but Japanese with some western influences. Then, again, Japs are pretty good at the whole “fantasy modern/future military porn” setting, starting from older Gundams, some of which were much more technical that space magic mecha, to more recent examples of Metal Gear Solid V and Binary Domain, which I think is a hidden gem, despite the game looking like a generic TPS.

3. Nobody was fucking copying GTA 1/2 in the late 90s, as in “copying CoD/MOBAs”, get your facts straight. The game was popular at the times, yes, but it wasn’t as influential as GTA 3 was. Games like Driver or Midtown Madness were more like developers experimenting with partially open world mechanisms, they have little to share with pre 3D GTA games.


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