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[ARTICLE] GTA V First-Person Mode
[ARTICLE] KingOfPol Falsifies Source
[ARTICLE] Evolve
[VIDEO] Overwatch Cinematic Trailer
[SITE]  Halo: The Master Chief Collection
[ARTICLE] GTA: San Andreas Update
[ARTICLE] Ubisoft Pulls, Re-Adds From Steam
Note: Brutal and Skippy were unaware that these games have since returned to Steam. That said, there was no explanation given as to why they were removed or why they were re-added. It’s also a virtual certainty these games will use U-Play anyway.
[SITE] Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Firebrand shitter.


Big Chris

12 Years A Slave has a lot of human drama. He meets people and forms relationships then bad stuff happens to him and the people around him.


in league, champions are free. You play matches, earn influence points, and spend those on characters. The only thing you pay for is skins.


yes, you have the option to buy them but if you do you are just dumb because within 3 months of playing the game you can have every champion.


It’s been calculated and it takes something like 3 to 4 thousand hours to unlock everything in League.


Skippy, your rant about the movies you saw almost brought me to tears… I don’t understand how you could find any entertainment in Edge of Tomorrow; it was so awful! And not in campy-forgivable ways, but like face-palmingly immersion-shattering ways.


Laura MirandaI actually work from home in my apmeatrnt in Gateway. My window faces north on the Hudson right into the eye line of the ferry dock. I have to say that i hardly notice the noise anymore. Yet, what does spark my attention is when it gets quit, during the lulls of the boats coming and going. SO I guess it IS a problem!


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