Episode 16 – Push To Shout Podcast

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[BLOG] Breaking Madden
[VIDEO] What a Thrill

0:00:30: Mike’s week (Bayonetta, Better Call Saul, Depressing Dead Things)
0:07:20: Skippy’s week (Elite Dangerous, The Wire, WWE Network, Battlefield Hardline)
0:22:46: Things we forgot to mention (American Beauty, Breaking Madden, Battlefield Hardline)
0:31:20: [ARTICLE] League of Legends Discriminates against “the gay(s)”
0:40:10: Life is Strange Episode 2 Leaked, Bru plays it
0:49:15: [ARTICLE] Bethesda Announces E3 Press Conference
0:54:10: [ARTICLE] Bioware Cancels Shadow Realms
1:04:55: Darkest Dungeon
1:14:10: #BigSorry
1:19:10: Live Action Zelda TV Show
1:36:00: Questions from chat

The youtube version cuts out at around an hour in. If you want to watch it anyway, Click here.

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I don’t tend to comment much but just wanted to say thanks to you guys for keeping the podcast going. Work life tends to be pretty hectic so it’s really enjoyable to have the podcast playing in the background when I get a break or at home. Can’t wait for Bru’s next stream of Life is Strange. (PH) I need my fix of more hella™ #Keks, sub-par millenial child transformative-storytelling and references that only us ®GAMERS and 90s kids will truely appreciate (PH)


Thanks! I’ve gotten really into some podcasts lately so I know how nice it can be to have. And it’s just fun to have an excuse to talk to someone about a hobby for a couple of hours every week.


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