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On the Co-Optionial podcast, Jesse Cox confirmed stealth solutions. The Gameplay trailer hinted at your playstyle having an affect on dialogue, with the character at the end, but he confirmed it would allow you to bypass the combat. So rest easy, stealth has been taken into account. From an interview ages ago I think it was implied you could ghost the game with zero takedowns.


“They said they’d be moving to science fiction”
Does that mean we’ll get a new good Armored Core game?
Dear god please.


I don’t know what source you were getting your Deus Ex new from, but they’ve explicitly said all the bosses will have a stealth option and are avoidable and that they only showed the combat first because they felt it was weak in the first. They even released a stealth version of the same level and said the entire game can be done without killing anyone.


What’d Bru think of Errant Signal’s Sunset video? I can never believe how pretentious he is.
In this podshow you were talking about wanting a game that escalates like Gurren Lagann. The Wonderful 101 actually does that and it’s amazing.
When Miyazaki talked about science fiction he probably (and hopefully) meant Armored Core. If they make one that doesn’t actually suck (like the last two did) I’ll be very happy.
Have you two played “pre-souls” From Software games? If not you should give them a shot, especially Shadow Tower Abyss which has been fan translated and works well on PCSX2 and with the newest beta version even the Armored Core games work.


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